How to auto click on chrome?

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One of the steps in your process to automate tasks is clicking on Chrome. You may have searched for ways to auto-click on Google, reading numerous blogs, manuals, and installing various software, but still find it challenging and not meeting your needs. Don’t worry; now you have the RPA CLOUD system. With its range of functions, RPA CLOUD makes automating clicks easier than ever. Let’s find out how to auto click on chrome right away.

Step 1: Obtain the CSS Selector of the position you want to click.

For example, if you want to click the button “Sign in” as shown in the image bellow, you need to obtain the CSS Selector of that button.

Examples of website elements
Examples of website elements

Step 2: Create a robot that can auto-click

You need to create a robot that includes the step for auto-clicking so that you can automate clicking on websites in Chrome.

First, sign up for the RPA CLOUD system for a free 30-day trial—no credit card required. Visit

RPA CLOUD sign in page
RPA CLOUD sign in page

Next, create your robot.

Navigating_ Robot page 3
Create robot step

Then, set the steps for your robot, including the auto-clicking step.

RPA CLOUD robot making page step 3
Open browser step
RPA CLOUD robot script making page
RPA CLOUD robot script making page

You can find the “Click” step. At this step, copy the CSS Selector obtained in Step 1 to the “Selector” field.

Step 3: Set the schedule for the robot

Now, with the final step, you can set the schedule for the robot to auto-click at the position you want at the time you desire.

Navigating_ Schedule page 3
Schedule the robot

With a very user-friendly interface, you can easily auto-click on a website in Chrome. RPA CLOUD’s mission is all about helping users liberate themselves from mundane tasks so that they can focus on more important things in their lives. They can, and so can you.


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