Exploring CSS Selectors & Common Website Elements

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This article will help you understand CSS selectors and the common elements typically encountered on websites. We will explain everything in the simplest way possible so that you can use RPA CLOUD to automate tasks in the Google Chrome browser.

What is CSS Selector?

Think of a CSS Selector as a name tag for a person at a party.

Just like how a name tag identifies a specific person in a room full of people, a CSS Selector identifies a specific element on a website.

What is CSS Selector?

Why do you need CSS Selector in RPA CLOUD?

CSS Selectors are essential when using RPA CLOUD’s web browser function to automate tasks on a website.

A CSS Selector is a “name tag” that identifies a specific HTML element on a website. It helps RPA CLOUD’s robot locate the exact element you want to manipulate.

For example, if you want the robot to click on a “Sign in” button on The Guardian website, you need to provide it with the CSS Selector for that button.

Why do you need CSS Selector in RPA CLOUD?

In this case, the CSS Selector of this button is button.css-11odpb9

The CSS Selector will allow the robot to find the specific button and perform the click action automatically. Without the CSS Selector, the robot would not know which button to click, making automation impossible.

How to get a CSS Selector of an element on a website?

  • Step 1 : Install the CSS Selector Extension

To get a CSS Selector you need to install the CSS Selector Extension provided by RPA CLOUD. Go to the installation page to add the CSS Selector plugin on your Chrome browser.

Install the CSS Selector Extension
CSS Selector Extension
  • Step 2 : Get CSS Selector

Step 2-1 Open the page showing the element you want to get

For example, you open https://www.amazon.com/.

Step 2-2 Right click on the element you want to get

The element you need to get the CSS Selector is the [Search] field, then just move to the [Search bar] location and right click on it.

Right click on the element you want to get

Step 2-3 Click on the context menu [Copy CSS Selector]

After clicking [Copy CSS Selector], the element will show a blue border. This blue border indicates that the CSS Selector was successfully retrieved.

Commonly encountered elements on websites

Link: Text or an element that allows users to navigate to another webpage or resource.

Input Field: An area where users can enter or input data, such as text, numbers, or passwords.

Button:Used for clickable actions or interactions.

Commonly encountered elements on websites.

Dropdown Menu: A list of options that can be selected by the user.

Checkbox: A small box that can be checked or unchecked to make a selection.

Radio Button: A round button that allows users to select only one option from a group of options.

Calendar: A visual representation of dates and days, often used for scheduling or date selection.


List:An ordered or unordered collection of items, displayed as a vertical or horizontal list.

example of list type

Image: A visual element that displays a picture or graphic on the webpage.

Form: A section that contains input fields and other elements for submitting information.


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