How to Automate Tasks (without coding)

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You’ve heard a lot about how to automate tasks. You feel excited, imagining the time you can save. However, it lets you down when you realize you have a ton of things to do with Python, Visual Basic, etc. Here’s the good news: now you have RPA CLOUD. You can automate your repetitive tasks without any concerns about coding.

Let’s find out how RPA CLOUD can help.


RPA CLOUD, or Robotic Process Automation Cloud, is a platform designed to automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows.

It leverages robotic automation to mimic human actions, allowing users to define and execute tasks through a visual interface.

No Coding Required

RPA CLOUD is different from other automation tools because it doesn’t require coding skills. You can define tasks and automate processes using simple step-by-step instructions, with no coding required.

For instance, if you regularly copy datas from a website to an excel file, you just set the steps, and it works for you. This saves you time compared to searching, installing, and coding.


All-in-one Platform

RPA CLOUD provides a wide range of task automation capabilities, making it a versatile and adaptable platform for various needs. Whether it’s managing emails or manipulating documents and spreadsheets, RPA CLOUD offers a comprehensive solution.

RPA CLOUD eliminates the need to juggle multiple tools for various tasks or set schedules separately. This all-in-one platform allows you to control all your automation tasks seamlessly in one place.

Navigating_ Robot page 3
Navigating_ Robot page 3

Thoughtful Support

At RPA CLOUD, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge advancements in automation technologies to our users. Our platform distinguishes itself by consistently providing updates and enhancements, ensuring its alignment with the ever-evolving landscape of automation.

Your feedback is invaluable to us. We understand your challenges and requirements, enabling us to make ongoing improvements that specifically address your unique needs. This commitment distinguishes RPA CLOUD, positioning it as a leader in innovation among other tools.

Additionally, our support extends beyond the features of RPA CLOUD. You are never alone in navigating the platform—a benefit that you won’t find when using free tools or coding independently.

Cost-Effective Solution

RPA CLOUD offers a cost-effective solution for automation needs. With its user-friendly approach and extensive capabilities, users can achieve automation without the need for expensive resources or extensive training, making it a budget-friendly choice that sets it apart from other tools.

How to automate tasks without coding

Step 1: Login to RPA CLOUD

RPA CLOUD sign in page
Login to RPA CLOUD

Step 2: Create your robot

RPA CLOUD robot making page step 2
Create your robot

Step 3: Teach your robot

Teach your robot
Teach your robot

Step 4: Test your robot

Test your robot
Test the robot

Step 5 : Set the schedule for the robot

Navigating_ Schedule page 3
Set the Schedule

Now, we believe you can automate your tasks with confidence using RPA CLOUD.

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