BMC Workflow Automation With Helix

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BMC Helix Business Workflows is a smart tool that helps different parts of a company handle, automate, and grow their services to work as well as possible. Do you want to know more about BMC workflow automation with Helix? Let’s find out!

In today’s world, happy workers and great customer service are what make companies successful. Companies are learning how to free up their employees’ time and skills to make their business more productive. But it’s hard to make services bigger and better, simplify processes, and give excellent service. HR and other teams face problems like messy ways to track cases, share information, and automate tasks without extra tools. Companies want to save money in the long run and create a good experience for employees that keeps getting better. That’s why BMC Helix workflow automation comes in.

What is BMC Helix Workflow Automation?

bmc workflow automation

BMC Helix Business Workflows changes how businesses work together, handle things, come up with new ideas, and grow their services. It does this all on one platform, giving employees the tools to create their own workflows. This helps them work independently and quickly.

When employees have the tools they need, they are more involved and productive. This changes how the business and IT work together and helps the business become smarter. With the BMC Helix Chatbot, people can find and request services by chatting, and the chatbot gives them more information to help them understand.

Key Features

Change how you handle and grow your services:

  • Talk to us anywhere: Use regular ways to contact us, plus chatbots
  • Help yourself: Find what you need in our service catalog on any web browser or phone app
  • Track your requests: We keep track of your requests from start to finish, using templates, tasks, and resources
  • Learn and share: Create and keep knowledge organized across the company
  • Set goals: Decide on and track service goals

Key Benefits of BMC Workflow Automation with Helix

Key Benefits of BMC Workflow Automation with Helix

Here are the five main advantages of BMC Workflow Automation with Helix that you should know, including:

  • Intuitive Interface: Quickly find the resources and solutions you need with a user-friendly design.
  • Comprehensive Case Management: Efficiently manage cases from start to finish, with tools for creation, updates, and resolution.
  • Integrated Knowledge Base: Easily create, maintain, and access a knowledge base to support case resolution.
  • Automated Knowledge Delivery: Instantly view relevant knowledge articles when working on a case, saving valuable time.
  • Performance Monitoring: Track and measure performance against customizable service targets.

Product Details

Product Details of BMC Workflow Automation with Helix

Below are product details of BMC Helix workflow automation:

Transform service delivery with omni-channel engagement, enabling intelligent conversational experiences through the Helix Chatbot. Expand beyond IT with Helix Business Workflows, empowering teams like HR, Facilities, and Procurement. Leverage cognitive capabilities to automate manual tasks and boost ROI by automatically applying case templates or categorization.

Empower business users with a streamlined service catalog, enabling them to create, define, and publish services in three easy steps. Improve knowledge management ROI through advanced search and search optimization capabilities. Drive automation with drag-and-drop workflow creation, allowing users to build and automate workflows without coding.

Deliver modern case management with formless requests, enabling quick case creation through email, recommended templates, and knowledge articles. Enhance and tailor applications to specific business requirements with the Innovation Suite. Integrate with both BMC applications and third-party systems using the BMC integration service. Create custom views with additional fields effortlessly, without the need for coding.

Empower employees to access services anytime, anywhere with web and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Gain valuable insights into case details, knowledge, and service levels through comprehensive reporting.

Who Can Use BMC Workflow Automation with Helix

Depending on your role in the workplace, BMC workflow automation with Helix can help you work more effectively.

Service Delivery Owner

As a manager, you need to handle your team, plan your budget, and make processes better. This means you need to keep track of how cases are being handled and show how your team is valuable to the company.

With BMC Helix Business Workflows, you can:

  • Get ahead of the competition: Offer a modern, easy-to-use service experience.
  • Make services easy to understand: Use a company-wide service catalog to organize your services.
  • Track your team’s progress: Use detailed reports, activity feeds, and dashboards to see how your team is doing.
  • Handle more requests yourself: Use smart self-service tools to solve problems without needing as much help from others.
  • Create audit reports: Make the reports you need for audits.

Agent/Case Worker

You want to work quickly and do a good job. You want tools that help you give great service by fixing customer problems fast and well, and by building on the knowledge that you and others use.

With BMC workflow automation with Helix, you can:

  • Find help and answers easily: Use simple tools to get the information and solutions you need.
  • Save time when creating cases: Case details are filled in automatically.
  • No need to be a programmer: Use tools that don’t require coding skills.
  • Work faster: Use templates to save time and effort.
  • Give great service: Get information as it happens.
  • Improve quality: See helpful knowledge articles automatically to solve problems faster.
  • Work together with others: Write and share helpful articles with your colleagues.

Business Analyst

You’re the one who leads the change to digital workplaces and finds ways to turn new ideas into real solutions. Your job is to know what the company needs, figure out how those needs can be met with tools, and make sure the tools keep up with the changing needs of the business.

With BMC Helix Business Workflows, you can:

  • Make things better right away in areas where it’s important for employees to be involved.
  • Create a system that can adapt to change so that you can meet the needs of employees, no matter how they contact you.
  • Make the experience personal and create tools that let people help themselves easily.
  • Reduce repetitive work with automatic workflows for common requests.
  • Help people find answers on their own by creating and sharing helpful articles.
  • Make things automatic to save time and effort.
  • Easily set up workflows for knowledge management, service levels, and task management.


You need to work anytime, from anywhere, and use different devices. You work with others online a lot and like to solve problems yourself. You need to find information quickly and easily, no matter where it is.

With BMC workflow automation with Helix, you can:

  • Chat with a smart helper, the BMC Helix Virtual Agent
  • Fix problems on the go with service requests and helpful articles
  • Get messages in the app, no matter what device you’re using
  • Do your job smoothly and get results

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