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Ever wished you could scrape website online free? This guide dives into the basics of web scraping, empowering you to understand its potential. We’ll also equip you with the knowledge to choose the perfect free web scraping tool for your needs, whether you prefer a desktop application, browser extension, or a solution compatible with Windows or Mac.

In this complete blog, we unveil our top 10 tools to scrape website free, giving you a launchpad for your scraping adventures!

Scrape Website Online Free Tools

Now that you understand the key factors to consider when choosing a tool to scrape website online free, you’re probably eager to dive in! This section explores 11 fantastic options to scrape data from website online free, catering to different platforms and needs.

RPA Cloud

RPA Cloud

RPA CLOUD is a cloud-based software robot with an extremely user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to get their work done easily and quickly. This software not only helps users automate repetitive tasks but also provides web scraping services to business owners and enterprises.

In general, the free version can cover your basic scanning needs, or you can upgrade to advanced plans. Here are some key features you can learn from.


– Get the inner text or HTML of all elements that match the CSS selector.
– Extract data from a complex table located on the website.
– Information processing

Pricing: Free trial with no credit card required. After that, the standard plan is $15, $30, and $50 per month and the Cooperation plan has unlimited service.



Octoparse offers both free and paid plans, catering to individual and enterprise needs. The free version is a solid option for basic scraping tasks, while paid plans unlock advanced features. Here’s a look at what Octoparse offers:

Device Compatibility: Download and install Octoparse directly on Windows or macOS for desktop convenience.


  • Scrape data from nearly any website type, including social media, e-commerce, real estate listings, and more.
  • Handle both static and dynamic websites built with AJAX, JavaScript, and cookies.
  • Extract data from complex login-protected sites with pagination.
  • Parse website source code to uncover hidden information.



While ScrapingBot excels at scraping product data, its capabilities extend far beyond online stores. They offer specialized APIs for various fields, including real estate listings, Google search results, and social media data from platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.


  • Headless Chrome: Scrape website data seamlessly without launching a physical browser window.
  • Lightning-Fast Responses: Experience minimal wait times with ScrapingBot’s impressive response speed.
  • Power Through Bulk Scraping: Handle large-scale scraping tasks with ease, perfect for collecting vast datasets.

Pricing: Start your scraping journey risk-free with ScrapingBot’s free trial, offering 100 credits each month. Once you’re ready to scale up, their tiered pricing plans cater to different scraping needs, ranging from €39 to €699 per month. The best part? You can test ScrapingBot’s effectiveness live by pasting a URL and instantly seeing the extracted data.



Parsehub empowers you to extract data from websites, even those built with complex technologies like AJAX, JavaScript, and cookies. Its secret weapon? Machine learning! Parsehub’s technology analyzes and transforms web pages, turning them into the valuable data you need.

Device: Choose the method that suits you best. Parsehub offers a desktop application compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux for more in-depth scraping control. For quick scraping needs, take advantage of the convenient Parsehub browser extension. It allows you to instantly scrape website online free data from any webpage you visit.

Tutorial: Parsehub offers a wealth of tutorials on its homepage, making it easy to get started and unleash your web scraping potential.

Pricing: While Parsehub isn’t fully free, it offers a generous trial. You can set up and run up to five scraping tasks at no cost, allowing you to test-drive the tool’s capabilities. Upgrade to a paid subscription if you need to manage more scraping projects privately (with at least 20 projects allowed). takes web scraping to the next level with its cloud-based (SaaS) solution. It caters to end-users who may not have coding experience, offering a user-friendly visual interface to design and customize data harvesting workflows. This all-in-one platform empowers you to:


  • Handles the entire web data extraction process, from initial scraping to data analysis, within a single platform.
  • is equipped for large-scale scraping tasks, ensuring you get the data you need.
  • Allows you to capture valuable visual data like photos and PDFs in a user-friendly format.

Integration: Connect your scraped data effortlessly with your existing data analysis tools for further insights.

Pricing: While specific pricing isn’t available on their website, offers consultations to determine a plan that aligns perfectly with your scraping needs. This ensures you get the features and capabilities you require without overpaying. (Cloud Scrape) targets programmers. Build scraping tasks with Extractor (targeted data), Crawler (explores linked pages), and Pipes (data manipulation). Powerful tools handle complex websites but require coding knowledge. Their knowledge base offers tutorials to bridge the learning gap.

Despite its complexity, offers a free plan with anonymous proxies, cloud storage for extracted data (2 weeks), and exports to JSON/CSV. Paid plans unlock real-time data access for advanced needs. offers two deployment options: a Chrome extension for on-the-go scraping and a cloud extension for more demanding tasks. The Chrome extension allows you to create a “sitemap,” essentially a plan outlining how to navigate a website and pinpoint the specific data you want to extract. This is ideal for smaller, targeted scraping jobs.

On the other hand, the cloud extension is built for power users. It can handle large-scale data scraping and even run multiple scraping tasks simultaneously, maximizing your efficiency. For easy access and analysis, you can choose to export your scraped data in a common format like CSV (comma-separated values). Alternatively, the cloud extension offers storage capabilities in CouchDB, a document-oriented database, which might be preferable for more complex data structures. takes web scraping to the global level, allowing you to gather real-time data from online sources worldwide. Intriguingly, it even offers the capability to scrape information from the deep web. This powerful tool supports scraping data in multiple languages with the help of customizable filters.

You can export your scraped data in various clean formats like XML, JSON, and RSS. caters to both free and paid users. The free plan allows for 1,000 HTTP requests per month, which is perfect for getting started. Upgradable paid plans offer increased request capacities to suit your specific scraping needs.

Data Scraper

Data Scraper is a web scraping tool that excels at extracting data from tables and listings on websites. While the free plan is ideal for basic scraping needs with smaller datasets, it might not be enough for more complex tasks.

The paid plan offers a significant upgrade, unlocking features like an API for integration with other tools and access to a pool of anonymous IP proxies. These proxies help you avoid detection while scraping large volumes of data in real time. Additionally, the free plan has a limit of 500 scraped pages per month. Upgrading to a paid plan allows you to bypass this limitation and tackle larger scraping projects.


The Scraper offers a convenient way to scrape data from online tables directly within your browser. This “screen scraper” extension simplifies the process by allowing you to select the desired table data and extract it with a right-click and “Scrape Similar” option. However, it caters more to intermediate or advanced users with some coding knowledge.

While the basic functionality is straightforward, customizing the scraping process to extract specific content or add new columns requires the use of XPath or jQuery. These are programming languages commonly used for web data extraction. If you’re comfortable with these languages, The Scaper can be a powerful tool for targeted scraping tasks.

Outwit hub

Outwit hub

Outwit Hub, a Firefox extension, might be the perfect solution! Easily downloadable from the Firefox Add-ons store, Outwit Hub empowers you to scrape content instantly after installation and activation.

Function: One of Outwit Hub’s standout features is its “Fast Scrape” functionality. Simply feed in a list of URLs, and the extension swiftly extracts the data you need. No programming skills are required, making Outwit Hub ideal for beginners.

Training: Even if you’re new to web scraping, Outwit Hub has you covered. They offer helpful guides to walk you through the process and get you started with scraping data using their extension.

For those with more complex scraping needs, Outwit Hub goes beyond its extension. They offer custom scraper development services, ensuring you get a solution tailored to your specific requirements.

How to Select the Right Tool

So, you’ve decided to use a web scraping tool to unlock valuable data online. But with all those features and options flying around, how do you pick the right one? We’ve got you covered! Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Device Compatibility: Is your weapon of choice a Mac, Linux, or Windows machine? Make sure the scraping tool you choose is compatible with your operating system. Many tools are Windows-only, so double-check before you buy.
  • Cloud Access for Flexibility: Want to access your scraped data from anywhere, anytime? Opt for a tool that offers cloud storage. This allows you to seamlessly work with your data across different devices.
  • Advanced Features to Bypass Blocking: Websites often employ anti-scraping measures. Look for tools that provide features like IP address rotation and API access. These features help you avoid getting blocked while scraping data.
  • Integration Options for Smooth Workflows: How will you ultimately use the scraped data? Consider tools that offer integration options with popular platforms you already use. This streamlines the entire data processing workflow.
  • Learning Curve and Support: Not everyone’s a coding whiz! If you’re new to scraping, prioritize tools with comprehensive guides and robust support options to assist you on your data scraping journey.
  • Pricing Considerations: Web scraper costs can vary significantly. Factor in your budget and scraping needs to find the best value option for you.

By considering these key points, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the perfect web scraping tool and unlock the power of online data!

It’s crucial to remember that the legality of web scraping hinges on various factors, including the target website’s terms of service and data privacy regulations. Always prioritize ethical scraping practices.

Armed with this knowledge, you should now have a clearer understanding of how to select the perfect tool to scrape website online free. Carefully consider factors like supported platforms, the type of data you need to scrape, and any limitations of free plans versus advanced options. Remember, for completely code-free data extraction from any website, RPA Cloud remains a powerful option.


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