Pega Workflow Automation

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Pega workflow automation helps you work smarter and faster by simplifying complex processes. It allows you to create a consistent experience for your users and quickly adjust to changes. Our platform uses AI to help you make decisions and automate tasks, making it easy to:

  • Tailor experiences to individual users
  • Speed up client sign-up and onboarding
  • Automate customer service
  • Simplify how your business operates
  • Solve unexpected problems

Our platform is built around using AI to make your workflow and tasks smarter and more efficient.

Pega Workflow Automation

Pega Features

The Pega workflow automation tool has lots of cool features to help you improve your business:

  • Digital transformation: It helps you change your business to be more digital, using different methods to manage tasks, processes, and rules.
  • Top-notch CRM: It has one of the best customer relationship tools out there, helping you connect with your customers in a more personalized way through many different channels.
  • Easy to use platform: It’s a single, adaptable platform that’s easy to set up and change. It focuses on the customer journey and uses a model-driven approach with minimal coding.
  • Reusable and easy to integrate: It’s designed to be reused in different ways and connects easily with many other systems you might be using.
  • Smart decision-making: It uses a special engine to make decisions, along with decision tables and trees, and rules you can set yourself.
  • Excellent automation: It’s the best at automating processes, managing work, and helping your workforce be more efficient.
  • Robots to help you: It uses robotic automation to cut costs and make your service better.
  • AI for real-time decisions: It uses artificial intelligence that understands the situation to make decisions instantly across different channels.
  • Flexible hosting: It has its own hosting option, but you can also choose other cloud options.
  • Automatic debt management: It can automatically manage and collect debts using AI.

Pega Features

Pega Workflow Automation Benefits

Pega workflow automation helps governments and businesses in many ways:

  • Faster modernization: It helps you quickly and safely update your systems to become more digital.
  • Smarter automation: It uses AI to automate tasks across different parts of your organization, making everything work better together.
  • Improved customer experience: It makes sure customers have a smooth experience from start to finish by using AI and automation.
  • Faster development: It lets you build applications 12 times faster than writing code, so you get value sooner.
  • Easy monitoring: It has dashboards and reports to help you track important numbers, manage work, and meet your goals.
  • Trustworthy and scalable: It’s reliable, secure, and can grow with your needs. It also follows important design principles.
  • Works with your old systems: It easily connects with your existing systems, helping you get more out of what you already have.
  • Better quality, lower cost: It helps you create better solutions that cost less and are more reliable.
  • Unique and affordable: It offers special tools that require less coding and cost less in the long run.
  • Proven technology: It’s a trusted technology that’s been used successfully by many large government departments.

Pega Workflow Automation Benefits

Pega Service Scope

Pega Live Data is a tool that helps you connect your applications to different places where you store data. It acts like a middleman, letting you quickly define how your data is organized and how it connects to other systems. This way, you can access the data you need in real-time without having to change how it’s stored.

This tool is usually added to existing software but can also work on its own. It’s designed for private cloud use, meaning it’s kept separate and secure for your organization.

There are some limits depending on where you’re using it. For instance, if you’re using Pega Cloud through the UK government’s cloud service, it’s usually set up in a specific region of Amazon’s cloud (EU-Ireland/UK). This area has extra safety measures to keep your data safe, like regular backups and quick recovery in case of problems.

You’re in charge of setting up how you want to use the tool and managing your data. Pega workflow automation handles the rest, including the software, cloud systems, technical support, security, and updates. They also take care of the database and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Pega User support

Pega Cloud doesn’t offer help directly to people using your product. You’ll need to set up your own customer support. However, they do let you have 10 people who can contact their tech team for help with Pega Cloud itself. You can find more information about this on their website.

Pega User support

You can keep track of your support requests and their importance. They also offer help through email or online forms, and these options are accessible to people with disabilities. You can also call them for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, they don’t offer help through web chat or by sending someone to your location.

Your subscription to this Pega workflow automation tool includes their premium support, and you can find out more about it on their website. They also offer support to other companies working with you.

Onboarding & Offboarding

Pega workflow automation gives its customers a full set of support to help them use the software. This support has two main parts:

  • Enablement: This helps you learn how to use Pega. It includes online courses and in-person classes, even at your workplace. Your team can learn different skills depending on their roles and get certificates to show what they’ve learned. Pega also has experts who can help you out, especially at the beginning of a project, so you have the right skills to make it a success.
  • Professional Services: Pega provides expert help to make sure your projects go smoothly. They have people who can help you with the technical parts of using Pega.

Pega also comes with lots of documentation. The software has online help built right in. Plus, you can access the Pega Discovery Network (PDN), an online community of Pega experts. This is a really helpful place with tons of information and a way to connect with other people who use Pega.

At the end of your contract, you have two options for getting your data back:

  • Get it from Pega’s database: This is usually pretty easy because Pega uses a common type of database.
  • Keep your data separate: If you prefer, you can keep your data in your own system. Pega can help you set this up so you always have full control of your data.

When you’re done with Pega Cloud, they’ll help you remove your applications and data within two weeks of your contract ending.

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